Muhamad Fajar

I write software. Usually in Ruby. Sometimes in Go, Python, PHP, or others.



Faculty of Science and Technology; UIN Sunan Gunung Djati (Bandung, Indonesia)
Major: Computer Science/Informatics



GoTix Tech Lead/Software Engineer; GoTix is a movie & event discovery with on-demand ticket order services.
Employer: PT. Global Loket Sejahtera


Software Engineer; SoftwareSeni is a tightly-knit team of designers, developers, quality assurance, marketing, content strategy, and customer service.
Employer: PT. SoftwareSeni


Tech Lead/Full Stack Engineer; Talenesia is talent pool and entertainer search engine.
Employer: PT. Talenesia Network Techmedia


Game Developer; Hahah Games Studio is game studio based in Bandung.
Employer: Hahah Games Studio

Technical Experience

Programming Languages & Framework

Ruby: I began using Ruby is when I started working at Lokét. From that day I have only 3 days before my very first task using Ruby itself. The first task is creating API for deep-linking event categorized, fortunately with very limited knowledge about Ruby and never touched that language before, thank God, I’m not breaking the legacy code.

Django: This framework is like my deadline friend, almost all side project what I was done is using Django, when I only have limited time in a weekend, I need something that I can count on and Django is the answer. Using this framework I can cut off timeline from 3 months of work to only 1 month.

Go: The journey began when I need something fast; fast in development or also fast in processing external API. I’m using Go relatively still very new, but so far so good, I can easily understand using this programing language.

Basic knowledge of Rust, Polymer, Vue, React

Open Source Projects

Personal project

I also contribute to open source project, mostly contribution because I’m using that lib/app but getting error when compile or running or also adding new localization.

Side Project

Non-profit maintainer

Less than 1 month of work.

Less than 2 months of work.


  • Languages:

    • Bahasa (native speaker)
    • Sunda (native speaker)
    • English (sufficient)

*all employer description taken from their official website.
**months of work means a total of coding time approximately.